Science Fiction, Fantasy Author Hank QuenseWhen I was a kid, on TV, there was Star Trek. Black and white and only at grandmas. For some reason, grandma got better channels than we did. She also got Gilligan’s Island, the Mickey Mouse Club and I Dream of Jeanie. Grandma’s house rocked.

In my teens it was Star Wars and Battle Star Galactica. Luke Skywalker was the space cowboy of my dreams and the lands he lived in became the lands I wrote about in my story creation journals.

Oh yes, I too wanted to write science fiction. A planet and people of my creation, what my vision of utopia, with a few twists of course, could be. To write it, you must know it. So I read it. A lot of it.

Then adulthood and life happened and the most reading I could get in was a recipe from Food and Wine or the instructions for filling out field trip forms. Okay, maybe I wasn’t that busy, but reading sci-fi wasn’t at the top of the list.

Until I started Page Readers. My family was growing up and I found I had time to read. Self publishing was an emerging market and indie authors were looking for any one who would talk to them – at the time they were still looked way down upon by traditionally published authors. My how times have changed.

Reviewing books and interviewing the authors during a 30-minutes live recorded show seemed like a lot of fun to me. As a new show and reviewer on the Indie scene, it took me about 10 minutes to find a handful of willing participants to be my first guests.

Science fiction/fantasy author Hank Quense was one of those brave people. Here’s the Page Readers Episode where we talked about his short story collection “Tunnel Vision.”

A collection of short, funny stories, Tunnel Vision made me laugh and thing – this guy is really funny.
Over time, and many stories later, Hank developed his own line of writing and promotion guides to help authors along the path of writing and promoting their work – something he’s learned over the years. The job of the author doesn’t end when the book is published. It means the author has a new job title – Promotion and Public Relations. Hanks guides are easy to follow and of course include a bit of his humor. You can’t be too serious when promoting your work!

Tunnel Vision is out of print now. Fortunately, Hank has been busy writing more zany sci-fi, fantasy stories to keep us entertained.

Hanks ideas come from the classics, Shakespeare being a favorite. And he’s a big fan of vikings too, as many of his characters take on a certain viking quality. Moxie’s Problem is his latest twisted tale that some of you classic lovers will enjoy – a different perspective of an old story.

Stories like Wotan’s Dilemma and Zaftan Miscreants has me laughing and thinking, “Science Fiction is so much better now!” Visit Hank Quense on Amazon to learn more about this talented author and teacher.


  1. Hank Quense
    June 5, 2015

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    Great article, Nanci. I had forgotten about the radio interview!

    • Nanci Arvizu
      June 8, 2015

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      Those interviews were a lot of fun. The best part is that Page Readers lives on! People are still listening on demand to shows recorded years ago. Maybe it’s time to bring Page Readers back to life?

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