Harry Clarke, illustrator and the master of the art of stained glass

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Life and works of Harry Clarke, the master of stained glass The early years of Harry Clarke He was born on the Day of Saint Patrick, 17 March 1889. So it is not surprising to know his full name was

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The Best Way to Ship Sports Cards Safely Through the Mail

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Get it to the customer in the same shape you sent it. I have shipped items through the mail that I have sold on eBay and other places since 2010.  I got my start by selling vinyl records. Below I

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Motorkote: What is it, and Does it Work?

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How I discovered Motorkote? I have been a fan of the American Truckers Network radio program that originates out of Cincinnati Ohio. Usually I can last the first few hours of the show, as it starts Midnight Eastern time. For

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Apologies For Not Writing For a While

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Mystery Writers by Nana B Agyei on Flickr

We would knock at houses as late as 9pm. We were told to ignore signs in doors and windows saying no sales or charity callers. we were supposed to ignore anyone saying they have no money or already give to other charities and keep pitching a deal to them.

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Blackwork – Simple Elegant Embroidery

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Blackwork embroidery on a Tudor dress sleeve. dating from the 1590s

Blackwork Embroidery – As Easy as Cross-Stitch The enduring appeal of blackwork embroidery, first brought to Europe by men returning from 13th century Crusades, owes much to its simple elegance – black stitching on white or off-white fabric. Even the

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March 30th 1975: James Ruppert’s Hamilton Ohio Easter Sunday Massacre

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The deadliest mass shooting at a private residence in U.S. History Easter Sunday March 30th 1975:  A day ordinarily set aside for bunnies, bonnets, and baskets. Instead, the holiest of Christian days, became an unadulterated day of evil. A particularly

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Decoupage – New Life for Old Household Objects

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Decorative Decoupage Night Stand

Decoupage, that is the craft of cutting out pictures from magazines and other sources and then sticking them on to the surface of a piece of furniture, a picture frame, ceramics, etc, is an excellent way of bringing back to

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