Reproduce a Renaissance Portrait Painting

February 3, 2017 | Posted in TRADITIONAL ART AND PAINTING | By

The final painting

Creating a reproduction of an old master or Renaissance portrait painting can be a fun and educational experience for any artist interested in realistic painting techniques. By working on a reproduction artwork…

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Georges Seurat, the Father of Pointilism and Divisionism

January 10, 2016 | Posted in ART, TRADITIONAL ART AND PAINTING | By

Mystery Writers by Nana B Agyei on Flickr

Who was Georges Seurat? While this name doesn’t ring a bell to majority of readers, he made a tremendous impact on hundreds of painters, including Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh, who authored several of the most expensive paintings ever.

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How Much Are Vintage Andy Warhol Album Covers Worth?

November 29, 2015 | Posted in ART, VINYL RECORDS | By

Warhol Covers can Bring a Super Premium: Andy Warhol was a freelance graphic designer long before he become one of the greatest pop culture artists and icons of the 20th century. His vintage LP cover designs are now in great

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Buying Ceramics in Italy

November 8, 2015 | Posted in CERAMICS | By

A hand-painted ceramic serving dish, purchased in Ravello, Italy.

Italian craftsmanship and artistry is of course recognized around the world. If you are traveling to Italy, in almost any town or city you will find shops and boutiques overflowing with beautiful painted ceramics…

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Creating a Classical Still Life Oil Painting

November 4, 2015 | Posted in TRADITIONAL ART AND PAINTING | By

Still Life with Two Pears

On this page I will go step-by-step through the oil painting techniques I used to complete this painting: choosing and adjusting my reference photo, roughing out a charcoal sketch, completing a verdaccio underpainting and then adding color through glazing and opaque color application.

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Dr. David D. Carrozzino – Classical Painter and Podiatrist

October 28, 2015 | Posted in TRADITIONAL ART AND PAINTING | By

"Hand to Foot" by David Carrozziono, inspired by Michelangelo.

Many of us have hobbies we enjoy pursuing in our free time. For Dr. David D. Carrozzino, a podiatrist practicing in Woodbury, New Jersey, that hobby is classical oil painting. David’s passion for art, particularly the art of the Italian Renaissance, has been an important part of his life for many years…

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Tips for Painting Realistic Flesh Tones in Oil

September 26, 2015 | Posted in TRADITIONAL ART AND PAINTING | By

Flesh tone being applied over a verdaccio underpainting. Photo by sockii.

Ask any artist who does portrait or figure painting and they will tell you that mixing and applying realistic flesh tones is one of the hardest challenges they face…

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” in Milan, Italy


"The Last Supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” is one of the most recognizable works of religious art in the world. Da Vinci’s interpretation of the subject of Christ and the Apostles has enraptured viewers and art historians for centuries…

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What is Fan Art?

July 20, 2015 | Posted in ART, CULTURE & HISTORY, FANDOM | By

Portrait of John Sheppard of Stargate: Atlantis.

Fan art has been a part of fandom communities for decades. From “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” to “Twilight” and “Harry Potter”, fans of television series, movies, books, music and anime – or even of a media genre as a whole – have been creating pieces of art based on their favorite heroes and heroines for years.

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The Churches of Rome, Italy: Santa Maria Degli Angeli E Dei Martiri


Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri

Although often only given minor note in most tourist guides and travel books, Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri (Basillica of St. Mary of the Angels and the Martyrs) is a unique church well worth visiting when in Rome, Italy.

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