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Miles Ahead the Don Cheadle Miles Davis Film: A Review

Miles Ahead Miles

The long rumored Miles Davis biopic was a long time coming So long was the films arrival, that more than a decade passed before it finally moved into production. Don Cheadle who was seemingly the Miles Davis estates choice before

A Great Value: Buying Vinyl Record Lots Online For Collecting or Selling

vinyl records lots

Great opportunities for re-selling or just for the collection When I began hunting vinyl records for my collection, I started seeking out the large LP lots. Buying in bulk was a great way to find unbelievable bargains. I was very

Understanding Vinyl Record Grades When Buying and Selling Online

VG+ Grades on Vinyl Records

VG+ is a baseline vinyl record grade of sorts: After having 10 years under my belt as a vinyl record aficionado, and selling them online for the past 6 years. I have noticed that the VG+ grade is sort of