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Genius of Miles Davis Trumpet Case

When the pictured Miles Davis Trumpet Case was delivered by UPS, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I had coveted this box for 2 years waiting for the price to drop to a manageable level.IMG_1460

The set retailed at $1,199, gulp, Yeah that’s expensive! My patience paid off, as a black Friday 2011 deal shaved over $900 off of the price, I was lucky to get it, the case sold out in less than 10 minutes.

Right now you can get the set used for around $500. Believe me, it’s worth it for a lunatic fan. “You can resell the sets in this box you all ready own”, or sell the new sets and keep the old if you like to read the booklets from time to time

If you know someone who has just become a Miles Davis fan, I can think of no other gift that would delight more than this trumpet case set. If you are looking for that one gift to knock the socks off a Miles Davis fan this set will do it.

A box set so extravagant, that it originally retailed for over $1,100 had better be good. An authentic trumpet case replica just like the one Miles used, a case that is extremely well made; I was personally overwhelmed by the quality.

You get a limited edition Miles Davis art lithograph, as well as a designer t-shirt and a replica trumpet mouth piece.

I have to admit this set was just so damn cool I had to have it. 43 CD’s over 8 box sets, with thousands of pages of notes and essays, the music pretty much covers every time period of the music of Miles Davis.

If you know someone who has just gained an interest in Miles Davis, this set would provide them with months and months of study just to get through half the set.

If you’re a Miles fan already, you would likely have most of these box sets encased inside the Genius box, but you could resell the box sets on the secondary market and make a nice sum of money, that is what I did.

Only 1955 of these sets were made, so I doubt these will be easy to find in the future as the staunchest of Miles Fan will likely be holding on to this. I know I won’t be selling mine anytime soon.

The Miles Davis Complete Columbia Albums Collection

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The Complete Columbia Album Collection from Miles Davis, almost all the important works were recorded for Columbia Records, from hard bop to modal jazz,.

All the Gil Evans recordings, from the transitional early 60’s periods to the second great quintet, all the way through the electric music that influences countless generations of musicians today are in this set.

The set is what it says it is, “the complete recordings,” every album commercially released is included.The quality is pretty good, not Japan quality packaging though, but not bad at all.

The CD size hard bound book included is pretty nice, but small, and printed in 2 languages, so the notes are sparse.The music is all here. You can usually find decent prices on this at Amazon as used or even still sealed.

The Complete Prestige Recordings of Miles Davis

This Chronicles box set comprises the entire complete 1951-1956 recordings Miles did for prestige records.

Jackie McLean, Sonny Rollins, Milt Jackson, John Coltrane you name them. These sessions are the wood shed where Miles became Miles, and became the greatest Jazz musician who ever lived.

Hard Bop supreme, The four 1956 sessions, Cookin’ Relaxin’ Steamin’ and Workin’, are all included here. My favorite Walkin’ from 1954, with the fantastic 14 Minute title track is also in the set.

These recording are all mono, and some of the earlier sessions have an unadulterated raw production, not bad sound mind you, but earthy and sparse. Miles really shines on these recordings, with that cracked tone.

Miles Davis: The Original Mono Recordings

This Miles Davis re-package job was delivered to market just in time for the Holidays 2013, all the records released for Columbia from 1957 to 1964 are featured in this box in crisp mono. Many connoisseur’s consider mono the best way to hear jazz, and many believe that format captures the sound of Miles’ trumpet the best.

Round About’ Midnight, Milestones, Kind of Blue, Miles Ahead, Porgy & Bess, and Sketches of Spain are all a part of this 9 CD set. Truth is, if you are a die-hard Miles fanatic, you have this music in stereo already and maybe in mono as well, especially if you collect vinyl.

I think this set would be a perfect gift for a Miles fanatic that might not buy it for themselves, I believe this type of set is definitely being marketed to the specific type of audiophile sound collector.

Again, if you or the one you are gifting is crazy about mono sound, this set should be on yours and their radar.

Sample it for yourself, you might prefer the mono to the stereo versions

*Photo: Used with permission via Amazon.com*


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  1. Cham Ho
    March 9, 2016

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    Come across your web-site by chance.

    The trumpet case is a must for jazz fanatics like me. Got all the boxes above. The metal spine boxes which I got twice over (because I got the trumpet case on a very good deal two years ago and gave the duplicate boxes to my friend – except On the Corner Box which I dare to keep two)were for one to really understand the electric 70s period: so much music, so modern, funk, afro beat,…and much more.

    And I begin my jazz journey just before college in mid 70s
    Nice work, Jason.

    Cham Ho (from Hong Kong).

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