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The Top 10 in team competition and elimination

It’s time for the second episode of the evening and we see the contestants on the beach – and Graham in a terribly ugly and cheesy body suit and speedo. No thank you. The ten finalists are told they will have to feed 101 hungry surfers in their next team competition. They have to make fish tacos for them and the first team to get 51 votes will win. Jessie is the first team captain and she will get first, second, third AND fourth pick for her team – in other words, she gets to pick exactly who she wants. For her blue team she picks James, Eddie, Bethy and lastly Natasha. That leaves Savannah, Bri, Krissi, Jordan and Luca for the red team. Jessie also gets to pick the red team’s captain and she picks Savannah, figuring she’ll be weak in that role. They have 1 hour to prep and get ready for the surfers’ arrival, and first things first they must pick what fish to prepare.

Savannah and the red team decide to go for the cod. They’re debating how to prepare it – Krissi says she can do a good fried cod and Savannah says okay, they’ll make a test batch of that and see how it goes. Jessie and the blue team decide on mahi mahi – pretty much a classic choice for a fish taco. James is going to make a roasted pineapple and habanero pepper salsa for their sauce.

Meanwhile, Jordan is concerned that Savannah isn’t seasoning the cabbage for their taco’s slaw enough. Joe says he’s surprised Jessie picked James first, but Gordon says it’s because he should be able to make a good sauce for the tacos and that’s what it’s going to come down to. However, James’ first batch is not good – it’s way too hot, like a “stab in the throat”.

Krissi’s cod is not going over well with her teammates – she’s put hot sauce in the batter and Jordan says it tastes like crap. Savannah decides they have to switch gears and just grill their fish instead. She puts Krissi on the tortilla station instead, and Krissi is none too pleased about it.

Joe thinks the Blue Team is going to win it if they fix their sauce. Graham says red team will win. Red team is assembling tacos for service but the blue team doesn’t have anything ready yet. They weren’t organized and it’s possibly going to bite them in the butt once the surfers arrive to eat.

Time’s up and the first team to 51 votes win. Red team is getting their cod tacos out but blue team is “wiping out”. The judges are starting to get opinions and a lot of people seem to be favoring red on the taste, but after a slow start blue team might be getting more votes on the bounce back. Red team is starting to run out of fish for their tacos but eventually they all get their plates out in time for voting.

Red team is getting an early lead in the votes. It’s 22-0 before there’s finally a vote for blue team, and then the blue streak begins and it’s a tie (come on, don’t tell me this isn’t completely staged for drama.) It’s 49-25 and blue team only needs 2 more votes for the win…which they get. Blue team is safe, red team must face elimination.

Back in the MasterChef kitchen, the red team members are told that only one person on their team will be safe, and they must decide amongst themselves who that is. It turns into a scene from Hell’s Kitchen instead of MasterChef as they start to fight and argue, particularly Krissi who tells Savannah “F— you”. Bri and Krissi really get into it and it looks like a scene out of high school – Krissi even proudly announces Bri is just the kind of person she used to bully in school. Stay classy, Krissi. Now you’ve got me firmly on Bri’s side thanks to your obnoxious attitude.

In any event, the team decide that Jordan was their best performer in the team challenge so he is safe from elimination. The remaining four are going to be given 40 minutes to cook a chicken breast three ways: Gordon wants his sauteed; Graham wants a fried chicken breast; Joe wants his stuffed.

That’s a lot of work to do in forty minutes and they are definitely struggling to get it all done in time. Bri wants to take Krissi down and Krissi feels the same way.

Time’s up and all four will have to face the judges. Savannah is first; her sauteed chicken is just not that good. Her fried chicken looks raw and it’s under-seasoned. She might be safe, though, because her stuffed chicken for Joe is properly cooked and he likes the stuffing, although the sauce is “goopy”. Krissi is next. Her sauteed chicken breast is slightly pink inside. Her fried chicken is crisp and good all the way through, according to Graham. Joe says her stuffed chicken breast is passable, even if it’s not stuffed very much.

Luca is next; his sauteed chicken breast for Gordon is overcooked and dried out, although seasoned nicely. His fried chicken has a nice crispy exterior but it’s slightly undercooked. His stuffed breast is raw inside as well, but it’s also not seasoned and stringy.

Last up for the challenge is Bri. Her sauteed chicken is undercooked but the seasoning is “spot on”. Her fried chicken has a good batter but is totally raw looking inside. Fortunately for her, the stuffed chicken is cooked through and while the sauce is a little buttery, it’s otherwise good.

The judges say it’s a tough call to make. Krissi is called forward first and she’s told that even if she’s not making friends she’s safe this time. Luca is called forward next…and he’s safe. It’s down to Bri and Savannah, and it turns out to be Savannah’s last meal in the MasterChef kitchen as she’s going home this time around.

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