The Rain Trilogy by Joseph A. Turkot

March 14, 2015 | Posted in HORROR, SCIENCE FICTION | By

The Rain Trilogy by Joseph A Turkot

What if one day it started raining…and it never, ever stopped?

That’s the unique premise behind Joseph A. Turkot’s post-apocalypse trilogy The Rain, which follows a pair of determined survivors on a treacherous journey across what’s left of America…

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Andrew Smith’s “Grasshopper Jungle”: Where male adolescence meets an insect apocalypse

April 2, 2014 | Posted in LGBT THEMES, YOUNG ADULT | By

Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

When the best-developed and most sympathetic female character in a novel is the narrator’s mute Golden Retriever, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say a work has some serious issues with sexism…

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