Masterchef Season 5 Episode 10 Recap & Review: July 28 2014

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Screen capture from the July 28 2014 episode of MasterChef on Fox.

The theme for this meal and the challenge will be “love”. There will be 17 couples dining together that evening and so it’s got to be something romantic…

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The Four Seasons: A Novel of Vivaldi’s Venice by Laurel Corona

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The Four Seasons by Laurel Corona

A moving work of historical fiction blending music, love and life in 18th century Italy Book summary: Two young sisters—one three years old, one just born—are abandoned to the Ospedale della Pietà in 18th century Venice by their courtesan mother

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Masterchef Season 5 Episode 9 Recap & Review: July 21 2014

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Screencapture from the July 21 2014 episode of MasterChef.

Another episode of MasterChef is here and once again it’s Mystery Box time – the biggest and most intimidating in MC history! (Or so they say…) Will thirteen be someone’s unlucky number, now that there are only 13 chefs left of the original 30?

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Masterchef Season 5 Episode 8 Recap & Review: July 14 2014

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Screen capture from the July 14 2014 episode of MasterChef.

It’s a “Great American” MasterChef this week as the remaining fourteen home cooks head to Culver City, California for the next team challenge to test their skills…and speed. As the competition narrows, the competitors think it’s time that the best cooks will standout from the rest…

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“The Sparrow” and “Children of God” by Mary Doria Russell

July 13, 2014 | Posted in SCIENCE FICTION | By

The Sparrow

Father Emilio Sandoz is the only survivor of a Jesuit-organized mission to the Alpha Centauri star system, where radio signals have been discovered broadcasting beautiful, alien music. Four priests and four civilians set out and find the planet Rahkat, but what happened to them there?

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Why Rhoda Morgenstern Was One of My Favorite Television Characters

July 9, 2014 | Posted in CLASSIC TV, TELEVISION | By

Back in the 1970’s, CBS ruled Saturday night television. From the 8:00 premiere of All in the Family to The Carol Burnett Show’s final tug of the ear, it was a night full of laughs.  As a child, my brother and I watched these programs

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Masterchef Season 5 Episode 7 Recap & Review: July 7 2014

July 8, 2014 | Posted in EPISODE RECAPS, REALITY TV | By

Screencap from the July 7, 2014 episode of MasterChef.

It’s time for a team challenge once more, but not like previously. Instead of large team, they will be cooking in pairs. Leslie is asked who he wouldn’t want to work with, and he says Ahran. Willie laughs. Christian says the last person he would want to cook with is Courtney. Why? Because she isn’t real, he says. She doesn’t have passion…

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“The Midwife of Venice” by Roberta Rich

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The Midwife of Venice by Roberta Rich.

Hannah Levi is known to be one of the most talented midwives in late 16th century Venice. She is also Jewish, and by law that means she is forbidden from attending to Christian mothers, no matter how great their needs for her talents. However…

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“The Last Promise” by Richard Paul Evans is one bad romance

July 5, 2014 | Posted in ROMANCE | By

The Last Promise by Richard Paul Evans.

Eliana—born Ellen—was a small town girl who fell in love with a handsome and romantic Italian, and moved with him to Italy to take care of his family’s estate and vineyard. To her friends back home, she’s living a fairy tale life…but reality is far from so picturesque…

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Book review: “Beautiful Disaster” by J. M. Snyder

July 3, 2014 | Posted in LGBT THEMES, ROMANCE | By

Beautiful Disaster by JM Snyder.

Corey and Ian are the members of 2ICE (pronounced “Twice”), the hottest pop-duo on the charts. Girls are throwing themselves at Corey and Ian’s feet every night after their concerts, and Corey seems to think nothing of…

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