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“The Apprentice” is TV series, initially happening in the US about several candidates trying to become the apprentice of the multibillionaire Donald Trump. The success of the series was so big that several seasons were made after that, even outside US (“The Apprentice UK” and “The Apprentice Asia”). A celebrities version of it was also made in the US.

1. A 15-week Job Interview

Basically, the concept is to divide the candidates in two teams and to ask them to perform a business task (promote a product, sell something, increase the profit of a restaurant, etc…). After each task, the winning team is rewarded while the other team has to meet Donald Trump and his associates at the boardroom where someone is fired.

The last 2 candidates compete each other in a final round, after which Donald Trump decides which to hire.

2. The Candidates

The candidates are all brilliant people (at least on paper), either because of the prestigious University they are coming from or because of their job experience (working for big companies, having created their own business…). Both men and women are present and in the first season their age varies from 21 to 37.

3. My Likes and Dislikes

Without entering into any details (to avoid spoilers), I must say that I like the concept of the show and this season is pretty good. It is interesting for several reasons/purposes:

– it helps understand better the business mentality, what you should do or not do to win in this world

– it definitively helps for job interviews as you can see the mistakes made by the candidates in the boardroom that make them fired

– it is enjoyable as a show as you see how well (or nor) people get along when they need to perform, when they are under fire, etc…

There isn’t much I dislike in the show except maybe that it is really business/money oriented and if you watch it “just for fun” and not in order to start your own company or to become a billionaire, you may sometimes get fed up with the focus made on money, money and money. I was still able to enjoy the show and I am not a business person at all.

4. Compared to Seasons 2, 3 and 4 (still no spoilers)

I find the first season to be a good one, especially because there were less candidates, making it easier to remember and identify to each. The team spirit was maybe not as strong as in season 3 but better in my opinion than in season 2 or 4. Also, the firing was based more on facts than on debating skills (which is the reason why I like season 2 the least of those first 4 seasons). As far as I know, season 1 is also the only one available on DVD.

5. Favorite Episode

My favorite episode is without doubt episode 10 because of the creativity of both team and because of the lesson you can learn from it (cannot say more without giving something away).

6. Conclusion

A good season of a good series. Recommended. You can get it on DVD at Amazon for only $7.72 (the whole 15 episodes + bonus like career advice by Donald Trump Executives).

The Apprentice Season 1


I am French, living in Norway and I like to watch movies and TV series from the USA, as well as from other countries. I am currently watching "The Apprentice" and some old James Bond movies.

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