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I am not someone who believes in everything  he sees on TV (or online). I am fully aware that the producers of a TV series carefully select what they want you to see, etc… so this is why I was actually surprised that I could use a tip from Hell’s Kitchen to improve my cooking skills. And this was not even a tip given to the public, it was more something Gordon Ramsay said again and again to the candidates which out of a sudden popped up in my mind and I realized I could use it to improve my cooking skills.

Before I go further, let me start from the beginning. As I explained in another post, I don’t like to follow TV series when they are aired because I am too afraid I would miss an episode or have to cancel appointments, etc… just not to miss it. Recently, I got the season 7 and 8 of Hell’s Kitchen. Thinking about it, I should have bought the complete seasons 1-8 box set as it would have been a better deal.


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Anyway, watching 2 seasons of this TV series in a short time frame will made me aware that one of the most common mistakes these chefs make is that they don’t quality-check enough the food they produce (or which is given to them, in the case of the final four – cf substitutions by sous-chef Scott, etc…). Actually, it is easy to spot when you see it on the screen, but recently, I was cooking for my family and realized that I didn’t taste my food either!

It is even ironic that it took me 2 seasons to remember chef Gordon Ramsay’s tip: “taste your food”. Despite being simple, this has helped me a lot since I started doing it! Once, I was ready to serve some pork that was undercooked (it looked nice to me). As I tasted it, I noticed it and simply kept it under the heat. Another time, my chicken was bland. I had put some spices, had it marinated with some mixture so I was sure it would be nice. And yet, I tasted it and it was really bland. Well, another point for this tip. I just added some more spices, seasoned it better and my wife and son enjoyed it!

So, if you want to improve your cooking skills, I would recommend you to use this tip or even to watch the show. Maybe there will be something else that will mark your mind and help you become a better chef!

I am French, living in Norway and I like to watch movies and TV series from the USA, as well as from other countries. I am currently watching "The Apprentice" and some old James Bond movies.


  1. sockii
    November 10, 2013

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    There are so many cooking shows where I see that come up: “Did you taste your food?” The judges are always asking contestants that, no matter what the show, and so many times the chefs just seem to forget or don’t bother. And it really is a critical component of cooking a well-balanced and well-seasoned meal. Even if you’ve made a recipe a hundred times before, you just never know what might need adjustment.

    That boxed set of Hell’s Kitchen looks great – I didn’t know they had 8 seasons all together like that, I just might have to add it to my Christmas wish list 🙂 I do enjoy the show but never seem to keep up with all the episodes as they are airing, and then I lose track of who is who and when they’ve been eliminated.

    • MyDVDCollection
      November 10, 2013

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      I think that it is easy to forget to taste the food or taste it with the pre-conception that it will be great. Instead, it is necessary to taste it as objectively as possible. And I agree, you should do it even if you have made the recipe a hundred times before.
      About keeping track about who is who and when this or that contestant was eliminated: this is exactly why I like to buy the DVDs! That way, I can watch the episodes the way I want: I choose the pace, I can watch an episode several times if I feel like it (or just a particular part) and I can check previous episodes.

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