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Former Contestans Get a Chance at a Comeback

There are 6 chefs left in the MasterChef kitchen…at least at the start of tonight’s episode. But things can change in an instant, the judges remind them…and for one time, the cheftestants will not be doing any cooking. They’re all going up to the gallery and are safe, but there will be SOME people cooking…people with very familiar faces, according to Joe. Each of the judges have invited back one eliminated chef. Those three will be doing battle for a white apron and a chance back into the competition.

Gordon has decided to bring back someone with a strong mind and strong palate, he says: Bri. Krissi is certainly not looking pleased (and not clapping for her like the others are). Krissi also doesn’t seem to know what a vegan is versus a vegetarian, I must add, based on her comments. Joe has decided to bring back Lynn, much to Jordan’s chagrin. And who has Graham brought back? Bime.

Only one will get back a MasterChef apron, so the pressure definitely is on for these three. In the first challenge test, one will be eliminated and then the remaining two will have to face off against each other. They will have 5 minutes in the pantry to grab everything they need. But what do they find? Eggs. Nothing but eggs. Tons and tons and tons of eggs, so they load up their baskets and return to their stations.

The judges want a perfect sunny side up egg…in fact in 15 minutes they want as many perfect sunny side up eggs as possible. They have 100 plates and 12 identical 8″ pans. They also can use two stoves. 8 pans, 8 burners.

Do you use butter, oil, or a combination of both? That’s a question the judges ponder while watching them go to frantic work. Lynn is for some reason using his oven as well, which doesn’t make sense to the judges if you want a sunny side up egg.

Their fifteen minutes fly by for them, and then it’s judgement time. Lynn is first up. Lynn has 27 plates up and Joe trashes two right off the bat. At the end of the count, Lynn has eight that passed the test. Will that be enough?

Next? It’s Bri. Her first couple eggs are tossed for being raw, but then she’s tied at eight and she’s got a few plates left. At the end her count is 13 perfect eggs, so she’s definitely going on to the second part of the challenge.

So it’s Bime versus Lynn for the second spot, and Bime has 32 eggs on his plates. But can he get more than Lynn’s eight perfect? He starts out bad but at the end of the day Bime has nine perfect eggs – one more than Lynn – so Lynn’s lost his last chance. Jordan is relieved.

That means the battle is going to be between Bime and Bri. The six safe contestants are told they have reservations in the MasteChef “restaurant” where they’ll be tasting the dishes prepared for them by Bime and Bri. They won’t know who has prepared which plate, and Joe will be judging with them.

They have to each break down a beautiful fresh King Salmon – given to them whole – and make 7 portions for the diners, sauted and served with Hollandaise sauce, potatoes and asparagus. They have 60 minutes. Bri is freaking out and fileting her fish backwards, according to the judges, while Bime seems in control of handling his fish properly. (But we know how this usually goes on MasterChef – if one contestant is struggling early on according to the editing, usually they end up making a big comeback before the end!) There’s some concern that Bime is planning on making cheesy mashed potatoes for his side, not a typical or classic side dish for fish.

They finish their plates and it’s time for judging. The comments are very mixed with good and bad on each plate. On the Red Plate (Bri’s) the fish has a great cook, but there’s a lack of seasoning, according to Jordan. Natasha liked the salmon on the Red Plate, maybe wanted a little more seasoning as well.

Blue Plate, Krissi thought it was on point, with a nice buttery hollandaise, but Luca thought the salmon was overcooked. Even so, the potatoes and asparagus were cooked perfectly he thought, and he’d like to eat the Blue Plate’s sides with the Red Plate’s salmon.

It’s (of course) down to the last vote as with six votes counted, they’re tied. The final vote ends up being for Bri, so she’s coming back into the competition. Neither Natasha nor Krissi are looking pleased at that. Neither am I, truthfully, if it means we’ll have to watch more nastiness on screen between Krissi and Bri…here I was glad we were finally done with that for the season!

Oh well, I guess they couldn’t leave us with a drama-free (or drama-lite?) version of the show, could they. It will be interesting to see if Bri stays in it till the end, like Josh did last season after he fought his way back into the competition. Or will she fail again quickly, proving the judges elimination of her was the right decision last week anyway? Guess we’ll find out soon…

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