The Beatles Invade the New York Public Library

April 4, 2014 | Posted in ROCK | By

"Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!" exhibit at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

Fans of John, Paul, George and Ringo who find themselves in New York City should make a date to visit the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts to see “Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!” This special exhibit, currently running through May 10, 2014, celebrates…

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A Pink Floyd fan visits Pompeii

March 4, 2014 | Posted in ARCHEOLOGY, HISTORIC PLACES, ROCK | By

The author at the Pompeii amphitheatre, January 2014.

This past January I was fortunate enough to spend several weeks in Campania, Italy, exploring the Amalfi Coast and the historic city of Naples. It was a wonderful trip for many reasons, and one of the highlights was the day I was able to spend at the ruins of Pompeii…

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Miles Davis A Tribute to Jack Johnson: Underrated Rock Jazz Masterpiece

November 13, 2013 | Posted in JAZZ, ROCK | By

Definitely more rock than jazz on this fusion classic The album A Tribute To Jack Johnson is a jazz rock classic released by Miles Davis in February of 1971. An album widely under appreciated, and not promoted properly by Columbia

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New Music for 2014: My Most-Anticipated Releases

November 12, 2013 | Posted in ROCK | By

The Foo Fighters

Sockii’s Picks for Exciting New Music Releases in the Coming Year Every year, the anticipation builds for music fans as we look forward to new albums from our favorite artists. Personally, 2013 wasn’t a great music year for me; there

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Album Review: Sting’s The Last Ship

October 3, 2013 | Posted in CLASSIC ROCK, FOLK, MUSICAL THEATER | By

"The Last Ship" by Sting.

“The Last Ship” by Sting. Available now at

No one is perhaps more surprised than I am over how much I enjoy Sting’s new album, The Last Ship.

Because the truth is, no matter how much of a fan of The Police I am (and I’m a really, really big Police fan!) I’ve never been particularly keen on Sting’s solo work in comparison—at least not since his first solo album in 1985, The Dream of the Blue Turtles…

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Adam Ant Concert Review: The NorVa in Norfolk, Virginia on October 3, 2012

October 6, 2012 | Posted in LIVE MUSIC, ROCK | By

Adam Ant in concert

Adam Ant was easily one of the biggest – and most recognizable – musicians of the post-punk/new wave music scene of the 1980s. With his flamboyant costumes, elaborate music videos and catchy, unique songs…

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Peter Gabriel Back to Front 2012 Tour Review

September 23, 2012 | Posted in CLASSIC ROCK, LIVE MUSIC | By

Peter Gabriel on stage September 21, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In May 2012, Peter Gabriel announced that he would be touring this fall to mark the 25th anniversary of his massively successful 1986 album So. So brought Gabriel’s music to a largely new, mainstream audience in the 80s…

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Album Review: “All You Need is Now” by Duran Duran

February 11, 2011 | Posted in ROCK | By

All You Need Is Now by Duran Duran.

While most other bands of their era have long since disbanded or turned into strict-nostalgia acts, Duran Duran has continually produced new music and worked to keep up with the times, albeit with often mixed results since their glory years…

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Top 10 Most Romantic Warren Zevon Songs

January 31, 2011 | Posted in CLASSIC ROCK | By

Warren Zevon - Original Album Series Collection

Although best known for his morbidly witty songs such as “Werewolves of London,” “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner” and “Lawyers, Guns and Money,” Warren Zevon could at times prove himself a true romantic at heart. The late singer-songwriter penned love songs and ballads filled with…

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Remembering the Death of John Lennon – a Young Fan’s Perspective

December 5, 2010 | Posted in ROCK | By

It is difficult to believe that thirty years have passed since the tragic murder of John Lennon. Although I was only eight years old on December 8, 1980, the death of the former Beatle had a huge impact on me at the time.

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